Stainless steel valve 700VA
- open design

PVA float valve 700VA in stainless steel from 3/8 to 2″ optional with stainless steel float balls in open design.

MaterialV2A 1.4301 
Max. Temperature120°C

Simple – safe – adjustable

The 700 VA series float valve allows infinite adjustment of the level and has a flat float rod for mounting variable floats. It is suitable for use at high and low pressure and high temperatures up to 120°C, but not for use in drinking water. The stainless steel float model is suitable for simple mechanical regulation of levels in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries due to the VA materials and silicone seals.

Connection thread3/8“½“3/4“1“1 ¼1 ½“2“
Valve seat in mm56910202126
Filling capacity in litres/min at 3 bar354090120373411631
Max. line pressure8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar5 bar5 bar5 bar
Overall length in mm455500560600680680680
Weight in g5806408281020290029202950
Recommended float700-130VA700-130VA700-160VA700-160VA700-220VA700-300VA700-300VA

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