Construction line 524
– up to 12 bar

Designed for high line pressure, the 524 valve series are infinitely adjustable.  The chemical nickel plating and a stainless steel seat of the components provide corrosion protection for all valves.

MaterialMessing / chem. vernickelt / V2A
SealSilikon / EPDM
Max. Temperature80°C 

The nickel float valve series 524 is designed for high line pressures up to 12 bar. It features a valve seat made of stainless steel and is suitable for temperatures up to 80°C. The valve tappet is made of brass. To be used quietly and almost splash-free when using the immersion tube. PE float balls and balls made of stainless steel are to be used as float.

Model524-½524-¾524-1524-1-1 ¼524-1-½524-2
Connection thread½“3/4“1“1 ¼“2“2“
Filling capacity in litres/min at 3 bar1583123288288461
Max. line pressure12 bar12 bar12 bar12 bar12 bar12 bar
Overall length in mm330580580690700720
Weight in g300840880172019003110
Recommended float8-1208-1508-1808-2208-2208-300

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