Construction line Master 824
– till 15 bar

The valve series designed for very high line pressure up to 15 bar are suitable for high temperatures. The chemical nickel plating of the components provides corrosion protection for all valves.

MaterialMessing / chem. vernickelt / V2A
SealSilikon / EPDM
Max. Temperature70°C – 120°C

The nickel float valve series 824 Master is specially designed for very high line pressures up to 15 bar and also meets all requirements for high filling capacities. Like the 524 series, it has a valve seat made of stainless steel and clearly stands out in terms of temperature resistance of up to 120°C. The spring technology relieves the necessary buoyancy of the float ball.

Model824-½824-¾824-1824-1 ¼824-1 ½824-2
Connection thread1320,520,52732,542
Filling capacity in litres/min at 3 bar168383106288461
Max. line pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar
Overall length in mm390390390730740740
Weight in g520600610158016902110
Recommended float8-1208-1508-1808-2208-2208-300

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